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An Open Letter From the Integral Life Team

Dear friends,

A few years ago the team at Integral Life became so appalled by the non-stop negativity we saw online that we decided to build a new tool that, maybe in some small way, could help show a far deeper and more prevailing truth: the real world runs on love — of friends, family, neighbors and beyond.

We asked ourselves: "What if, rather than so often seeing the dark side of anonymous mobs online, we could instead show the special people in our lives just how loved, unique, and important they really are?"

And that's when we started building Mirror, a simple, fast, and free tool that enables you to spread more love to those in your life.

We've tested it for several months, and we've found it's a powerful way to say things you might not otherwise say, start conversations you might not otherwise start, show your loved ones feelings they might not otherwise see.

Give it a try, and let us about know your experience. At a time when many people are encountering more darkness and uncertainty than ever before, it takes only a few minutes to bring more love and light into their world.

Sincerely, The IL Evolutionary Skunkworks Team

Some inspiring mirrors that we shared with each other:

Robb, what does Corey mean to you?

Corey gives me great hope in the future. He's kind, intelligent, compassionate and fiercely dedicated to the qualities that make our world better. I feel very grateful to work with him, and consider him a friend.

Dima, what does Robb mean to you?

It will not be an exaggeration if I say that meeting Robb was one of the most crucial moments in my life. He introduced me to Integral theory, he tremendously helped me grow in various dimensions of life, be it professional skills, decision making or understanding my core values and goals. His trust and belief mean the world to me. I am infinitely grateful to Robb for his kind attitude to me over the course of almost 5 years.

Robb, what does Dima mean to you?

I love Dima. I really mean that. He's kind, thoughtful, talented and has a huge heart where he wants to make a powerful impact on the world. I feel lucky to know him.