Dear Corey, your friend Robb Smith wanted to share some love and kind words with you. Here's what Robb wrote:

Robb, what does Corey mean to you?

Corey gives me great hope in the future. He's kind, intelligent, compassionate and fiercely dedicated to the qualities that make our world better. I feel very grateful to work with him, and consider him a friend.

What do you think makes Corey so special?

Corey combines an artistic brilliance with a fascinating way of seeing and articulating the deeper cultural currents of our time, a rare ability to give vivid language to things that many of us feel but were unaware of. Plus, he's loyal, generous and dedicated; anyone is lucky to have him in their life.

What do you think Corey's unique contribution to the world could be?

I see everyday how Corey's brilliance and love pour out of him and into others' lives; he makes a huge impact already, with thousands of people forever changed because of his efforts. I expect we'll see more of that in the future, and layered increasingly by the emergence of an innovative leader who gives leverage to those who can make a difference in the world in other ways. In short, I see Corey being one of the holders of the heart and moral center of the integrative metatheory movement over the coming generation.

December 9, 2022