Dear Dima, your friend Robb Smith wanted to share some love and kind words with you. Here's what Robb wrote:

Robb, what does Dima mean to you?

I love Dima. I really mean that. He's kind, thoughtful, talented and has a huge heart where he wants to make a powerful impact on the world. I feel lucky to know him.

What do you think makes Dima so special?

I find it pretty amazing that he's a self-starter (who I first came to know from working with him off an internet project), and ever since then he has impressed me with his dedication to learning and self-improvement. He has always shown integrity in his business dealings with me, and as I've come to know him better I recognize that he is destined for great things—he will make a big contribution to his generation through his effort and talent.

What do you think Dima's unique contribution to the world could be?

To be direct, I think that he will create software that changes a lot of lives. I know he will because that's what he and I have been doing, and he's got the skills, commitment and heart to do it. He's going to change a lot of lives for the better.

December 9, 2022