Dear Robb, your friend Dima Bulatov wanted to share some love and kind words with you. Here's what Dima wrote:

Dima, what does Robb mean to you?

It will not be an exaggeration if I say that meeting Robb was one of the most crucial moments in my life. He introduced me to Integral theory, he tremendously helped me grow in various dimensions of life, be it professional skills, decision making or understanding my core values and goals. His trust and belief mean the world to me. I am infinitely grateful to Robb for his kind attitude to me over the course of almost 5 years.

What do you think makes Robb so special?

Robb is an honest, smart, well-educated, hard-working and open to new experiences leader. These qualities require self-discipline, dauntless courage, and a big heart. These are not just words – Robb constantly proves them by helping people around understand and deal with the complexity of the 21st century and does his best to bring his unique vision to reality.

What do you think Robb's unique contribution to the world could be?

Speaking of which – Robb is a truly Integral leader. He sees the world as a whole and understands how different systems co-exist and evolve together. He's exactly the type of leader our future (and present!) need.

December 9, 2022